2012 NBA All Star Game Live Coverage

Live notes from this year’s All Star game…

1st Quarter

  • Kobe Bryant starts off white hot; going 5/6 from the field for 11 points. Kevin Durant has also been able to splash a trey and stuff in a phenomenal alley oop.
  • In the East, LeBron James is keeping the engine running on offense through some sensational dunks.
  • With 3:19 left to play, the Western All Stars look much more comfortable playing alongside each other. Chris Paul is finding Blake Griffin for alley oops left and right.  West holds an 6-point lead going into the final time out of the first quarter.
  • Western All Stars have three players in double digits already with 1:37 left in the first quarter: Durant, Bryant and Griffin.
  • 39-28 Western All Stars lead with the quarter coming to a close. Kevin Durant continues to put the ball in the hole, leading his team with 13 going into the second.

2nd Quarter

  • Plenty of subs enter for both teams to start the quarter.. Tony Parker nets his signature tear drop to continue the West’s scoring run.
  • Paul Pierce looks old and stale out there.
  • Andre Iguodala stars off his first career All Star game by hitting his first three shots/dunks. He finds himself a steal and reminds us why he was robbed in the dunk contest.
  • The West call a timeout with 8:08 left to play, they hold a 13-point lead.
  • Still waiting for the East to wake up from their offensive funk… Deron Williams, Carmelo Anthony remain as the only two guys making a push to keep this game close.
  • Nash slides in perfectly into fast, easygoing games like this; the 38-year-old continues to find open players with his limited time on the court.
  • Most of the starters return for both teams, with the East down by 13 with 5:26 left to go.
  • Deron Williams stays hot; hitting threes, finishing oops… The East put up the white flag early, as Dwight Howard shoots a three-pointer with the team down 12.
  • The Western All Stars lead opens to 18 as we get closer to half time.
  • Kevin Durant hits again for three; he’s got 20 points with a minute left to play in the first half… He continues to attack the rim and heads to the line for more points. Early bid for All Star MVP is clearly on KD’s side.
  • Blake Griffin closes the first half with a three pointer from the left side…. Western All Stars are crushing the East, 88-69 heading into halftime.

3rd Quarter

  • The Inside the NBA halftime show was somewhat more entertaining than the first half of this game.
  • ‘Bron vs. Durant so far… With Dwight Howard allowing more alley oops than anyone I’veeverseen.
  • LBJ has hit two three’s and looks keep this game close… 96-77 Western All Stars with 9:54 left to play.
  • Derrick Rose has hit two shots… James hits another three. East down by 12, but they foul Bryant on the other side of the court.
  • Bryant’s nose gets busted up after the hard foul by Wade… He cleans off and nails his free throw. 98-84 West.
  • Two back-to-back three’s by Derrick Rose now… East down by ten but have to foul once again, as Durant drove into the paint.
  • LeBron James is on fire…. Dishing no-looks and finding cotton with every shot. West lead by nine with a few minutes left in the third.
  • Kobe Bryant becomes the all-time leading scorer (265 points) in the All Star games with his fastbreak dunk… 111-101 West with 4 minutes to play.
  • The East continue to make the push… Down by eight with their subs in… Andre Iguodala, Rajon Rondo and Roy Hibbert are all in. The West have also put in their subs, as Russell Westbrook continues to jack three’s.
  • If there’s anyone that’s going to stop the East from winning this game, it’s clearly Kevin Durant… He closes the third quarter with a strong flush down the lane. West lead by 12 heading into the fourth.

4th Quarter

  • West leading by 17 two minutes into the fourth quarter. Kevin Love playing well inside and outside on offense.
  • 138-121 West as a TV timeout arrives… Around 8 minutes left to play, Love has stretched the West lead through several three’s.
  • James subs in with seven minutes left to play. East down by 13… Deron Williams hits a clutch three… six minutes left. East down by ten.
  • Kobe vs. LeBron to close off this All Star night. The West lead by 12 with 4:42 left in the game. Look for Durant to also make his mark in the final minutes.
  • East cut the lead to six after two big shots by Melo and ‘Bron… Carmelo continues to abuse the paint with his size. The East defense has noticeably tightened up in these final minutes… LeBron James just hit another fall-away three with 2:46 left to play… East down by 5, the flow has completely shifted to their side.
  • Wow, East down by 2 after a sloppy pass by Durant that ended up in Deron Williams’ hands.
  • Big putback by Griffin… West take their lead back to 3. Dwyane Wade earns a foul on the other end… 22.8 left to play.
  • Bryant goes 1/2 from the free throw line with 16 seconds left to play. The East are down by 2 with the game in their hands.
  • LeBron slips up in the fourth… Dishing a turnover pass with 5 seconds left in the game… Griffin goes 1/2 from the free throw line after the intentional foul… The East will have another shot with 1.1 seconds left.
  • Dwyane Wade shoots the final shot as the buzzer sounds from the side… The West end up victorious in this year’s All Star game.
  • Kevin Durant wins the 2012 All Star MVP award after a stuffed statsheet: 36 PTS, 7 REB, 3 AST, 3 STL.
  • This year’s All Star game turned out to be a great watch after the late comeback by James and the East… Melo just couldn’t find his smooth stroke, and that late LeBron turnover ultimately burned the East in the final moments.